A Resolution of the St George's Church Council

St George's Green Church Policy 


In St George's Anglican Church Berlin we will hold ourselves accountable
for the delivery of a 12 point
 strategy to achieve CO2 climate neutrality by 2030 by greening
our church and
 encouraging our congregation to green their lives.

 1. Forming an Eco Group to inform the congregation with an Eco-Blog and take 
 initiatives to educate and plan for change, 
including how we can use the church garden 
 to help biodiversity. 

 2. We are using the Churches in England A Rocha scheme, 
to look at how we can green  our church and congregation. 
In 2022 we achieved the Bronze Award and are going for 

 3. Heating and Lighting: C02 neutral buildings: where possible we are exploring 
 alternative energy, including solar, and we have reduced winter energy consumption by 
 setting the heating at 15C.  A heating sub committee consisting of engineers and others 
 in the parish who have the necessary technical expertise will explore our options.  We 
 use LED lighting and use a non-fossil fuel electricity supplier. 

 4. We encourage use of public transport 
and Zoom-based meetings (and discourage 
 unnecessary air travel). 

 5.  We preach once a month an Eco sermon, 
and becoming C02 neutral is on the agenda 
 of every Church Council meeting 

 6. Where possible we use recycled paper, including recycled toilet paper 

 7. We have banned green flower arrangement "Oasis" which is microplastic 

 8. We buy Eco (Bio) and Fairtrade tea and coffee 

 9. Church catering is nearly all vegetarian 

 10. We are year on year seeking to reduce plastic 
(no disposable cups, knives, forks, 
 plates, straws etc). 

 11. We have paper recycling bins, a bin for recycling plastic and tin waste, and a small 
 bin for other general waste. We have a compost heap, insect hotel and hedgehog box. 

 12. We support a Tree planting student NGO initiative in Uganda and have a 
 programme to build a Well each year in a school / orphanage / refugee camp that has 
 no clean water in the global South, so far in northern Nigeria, Uganda, Yemen, 
Tanzania, and Malawi. 

The St George's Church Council, 11.7.23