Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People

Clergy & Key Contact People


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Our parish is 100% self-supporting and even the salaries of the clergy, for example, have to be paid for by donations. Our parish also does not receive the German church tax. 

If you would like to support our ministry financially, we would also be happy to receive your regular donations. Perhaps you would like to set up a standing order? Thank you so much.


Sankt Georg Anglikanische Kirche zu Berlin

Our Address:

(church and church office) 

Preussenallee 17 - 19
14052 Berlin | Neu-Westend

Phone (church office) +49(0)30 30 41 280

The best way to contact the clergy at St George's is by telephone on Mondays between 10:00 and 15:00 and Fridays from 12:00. As Christopher and Joachim have home visits and other pastoral commitments outside the church office, it is always helpful to contact them by email or to make appointments.

Contacting Clergy: For any requests, please contact the clergy directly at the following email addresses:

The Revd Canon Christopher Jage-Bowler, vicar (pastor)
The Revd Joachim Reich, asst curate (asst pastor)

The Revd Martin George, honorary asst priest

Our Clergy

The Revd Canon
Christopher Jage-Bowler

is the pastor (vicar) of St George’s Anglican Church Berlin.
Born in Northampton, he studied theology in Cambridge and India before he was ordained at Bristol Cathedral. He is co-chair of the Council of Anglican/Episcopal Churches in Germany. For many years Christopher was the area dean for Germany. He is specifically interested in inter-religious dialogue and spirituality. In 2006 Christopher introduced the ‘Pfarrer - Imame’ (Pastors - Imams) inter-religious football game in Berlin. We now have an interfaith cricket team too: Cricket for Peace.

The Revd Joachim Reich
is the assistant pastor of St George's Anglican Church Berlin. Joachim was born in 1966 in the south-west of Germany and raised as Roman Catholic. He studied philosophy, theology, Islam and comparative religion at the universities of Freiburg/Breisgau, Bonn and St Patick's College/Ireland and spent a study year in Egypt's capital Cairo as well as some time in Istanbul. After his graduation he was ordained at St. Andreas, Düsseldorf in 1999. Since then, he completed a number of postgraduate training programs in systemic therapy, sexology, forensic therapy and psychosexual counselling; He was also head of a psychological counselling centre in Berlin. After his reception into the Church of England he was trained at ERMC, Cambridge for his ministry as an Anglican priest. Joachim is a licensed systemic therapist, psychosexual counselor and clinical sexologist. He works at St George's as assistant pastor and as a therapist at his own private practice.

Honorary Clergy (non-stipendiary)

The Revd Dr Martin George
Martin, born in Berlin, studied theology and philosophy in Berlin, Tübingen and Erlangen, and orthodox theology at
St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. In 1977 he completed a Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Luke's Hospital, New York City. Martin finished the vicariate in Munich with the second theological exam and was a minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern) since his ordination in 1979. From 1991 to 2014 Martin was professor of Ancient Church History at the University of Berne/Switzerland.  From 2016 up to the present he is senior professor of Ancient Church History at Humboldt University Berlin. After his reception into the Church of England Martin has been ordained a deacon in 2020 and a priest 2021. He supports the parish clergy as an honorary priest.

The Revd Daniel Conklin (retired)
The Episcopal Church of the United States of America


Shirley Bingham-Erb
Eleanor Emerson

Members of St George's Church Council

David Antal | Sean Bonner | Carolin Chwalinski | 
Rachael Drake | Susan Hepner | Christine Krankemann-Bonner | Robyn Maguire | Kimberley Purvis | Tim Redfern |
Michael Seadle | Christine Wallich
Emilia Monica and Austin Marcus (Synod Reps) 

Electoral Roll Officer

Judith Nurrish-Weiß  

Safeguarding Officer

Dr Klaus Brackman | Claudia Frank


Jean Frick

Fundraising Coordinator

Dr Michael Seadle

Church Music

Scott Clemons | Lora Beebe | Organists
Andrew Sims | Choir Director

Rota Coordinator for Marienkirche Services

John Roper

Coordinator for Online Church Services and Social Media

Martin Abend 

Ecumenical Officer

Dr Klaus Brackmann 

News Editor

Dr Antony Green


Sean Bonner


Christine Krankemann-Bonner

Webmaster | Public Relations Oversight

Joachim Reich