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Liturgical Calendar


6 November | Third Sunday before Advent 

10:30  St George's, Eucharist
18:00  Marienkirche, Eucharist 

together with the Old Catholic Parish

13 November | Remembrance Sunday and German National Day of Mourning 

11:00 (!) St George's, Commonwealth Service of Remembrance

This year the Embassy of the
Republic of South Africa
is going to host the 

Commonwealth Remembrance Day ceremony. The first part of the event with wreath laying will begin
at 9:45 at the War Cemetery,
Heerstraße 139, 14055 Berlin

followed by the Commonwealth Remembrance Day Service
at 11:00 (!) at St George's.
Please note the changed worship time!
Please note: NO service in Marienkirche.

20 November | CHRIST THE KING

10:30 St George's, Eucharist
18:00 Marienkirche, Eucharist

27 November | The 1st Sunday of Advent

10:30 St George's, Eucharist
18:00 Marienkirche, Eucharist


4 December | The 2nd Sunday of Advent

10:30 St George's, Eucharist
18:00 Marienkirche, Eucharist
This is the last Marienkirche Sunday evening eucharist of 2022;
the next is on 8 January 2023.

11 December |  The 3rd Sunday of Advent

10:30 St George's,  Eucharist
18:00 Marienkirche: No Eucharist

18 December | The 4th Sunday of Advent

10:30 St George's, Eucharist
18:00 St George's, Service
of Nine Lessons and Carols

18:00 Marienkirche: No Eucharist

21 December

19:30 Marienkirche, Carol Service
with the Embassy Singers


23:00 St George's | MIDNIGHT MASS



1 JANUARY 2023

 10:30 St George's,  Eucharist 

We offer two places of worship in English:

St George's and Marienkirche

We ask those who suffer from cold symptoms to refrain from attending church services. 

Preussenalle 17 - 19
14052 Berlin | Neu-Westend

U Neu-Westend | S Heerstrasse
10:30 Sunday Morning Eucharist
This service is usually also broadcast live
on YouTube and Facebook.

Childrens Church

During school time, children's church takes place during the 10:30 service in the church hall. Both adults and school age children please wear masks (pre-school children at parents' discretion).

Heating costs this winter

We are all facing higher heating bills this autumn. To be responsible in our use of gas, we need to reduce our energy consumption in the church and hall too. We have made the decision to heat our buildings only to 15°C, which in winter will feel cold! We ask for your understanding and please dress warmly!

Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 8
10178 Berlin | Mitte

U/S-Bhf Alexanderplatz
Tram 4,5,6 | Bus TXL, 100, 200
18:00 Sunday Evening Choral Eucharist (with the participation of our choir)

Please note there are NO Sunday evening Eucharists at Marienkirche:
11 / 18 / 25 December 2022;
the next Marienkirche Eucharist 
is on 8 January 2023. 


Adult Baptism


How to become a member of the Church of England?

Formal Reception into the Communion of the Church of England

If you’ve been baptized in water and in the name of the Holy Trinity in another church or denomination, your baptism is valid in the Anglican Church.
You can attend our services and events at any time, even if you are not a formal member of the Church of England or another Anglican/Episcopal church.

If you wish to become a member of the Church of England and our congregation, you must, in addition to sharing the faith of the Church of England, usually live in Berlin or Brandenburg and also wish to attend services and church events. You would then be received into the Church of England during a Sunday Eucharist. Talk to our clergy to clarify any further questions or write an email.

Our Liturgical Resources

The liturgical texts used correspond to the offical Liturgy of the Church of England:
Common Worship and the Book of Common Prayer
and are available HERE.

The English Bible translation we use is the ecumenical New Revised Standard Version, Anglicized (NRSVA).

Scores and texts to Hymns Ancient & Modern New Standard and other Hymns can be found: HERE.

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