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18 May | Spring Book Fair

Our Spring Book Fair will be on Saturday 18 May from 10:00 to 16:00, during the Preußenallee street fair. Please tell your friends and plan to come! Can you begin looking through your shelves and bring to Church any books you will not read again? English books especially welcome.

Can you help? We will need help please in setting out books on Friday 17 May from 10:00 and clearing them away on Saturday the 18th from 16:00. Can you help us? If anyone is prepared to help, please could you let Jean Frick or the church office know so that we can prepare a list to cover the whole day. We are expecting a busy day and would really appreciate your help.

Please look though books at home and bring any that you will no longer read (English books especially welcome). 

We'd love to offer tea and coffee and possibly cakes in the church hall from about 10:30 to 16:00 if we have offers to help. Please contact Jean via the church office.


On PENTECOST, 19 May we will be beginning in St George's at 10:30 and process together to celebrate a united Eucharist at an ecumenical service at 11:00 in the Evangelische Friedensgemeinde Charlottenburg church garden (Tannenbergallee 6) with the parishes of the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Neu-Westend, the Evangelische Friedensgemeinde and the Katholische Kirchengemeinde Heilig Geist.
After the service, we will there will be a bring-and-share buffet lunch with the other parishes (please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share!).

Please remember to wear red!

The Church of England 

Thy Kingdom Come 


Thy Kingdom Come is a global ecumenical prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. 

What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer. 

Becoming a server, reader or steward?

Are you interested in contributing to the life of our parish and it's liturgy as an server (acolyte), reader (lector) or steward at services in St George's and/or Marienkirche? 
Then please get in touch with the clergy, the churchwardens or simply email the parish office. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Church of England | The Living in Love and Faith Process

(Easter) Giving

Easter counts as the most important holiday in the Church year, and this year more than most our parish needs your support. Support comes in many forms. Many of us volunteer for tasks such as being readers or stewards or take an active role on committees or help with gardening and coffee hour and dozens of other tasks that improve parish life. But the parish needs money too. Most of us put a few coins or bills in the collection every Sunday. That helps to pay the rather meagre salaries of our clergy and has symbolic importance when others see members putting money in the collection bags. Many of us also pledge monthly in addition to what goes into the collection on Sunday. Pledging matters.

The church's physical plant is aging. The heating system especially needs attention, not merely because the boiler is old, inefficient and needs replacing, but because the cost of heating using technology from the past has risen. Since we must heat the church on Sundays and during meetings, the parish is looking at a new system that is more ecologically friendly and could substantially reduce costs, but of course installing new systems costs money. More certainty for planning matters too. It would help significantly if more members could set up regular transfers from their bank accounts. The setup is easy and such transfers can be stopped or altered at any time. Just knowing what the parish can reasonably expect helps the planning efforts.

The hardest step in giving is always deciding to do it. What better time could there be than now as we celebrate the Resurrection? Please help as much as you can! (Michael Seadle)

Joining a Parish Group?

St George's offers a variety of ways to meet and share in groups (currently online only). Are you looking for a parish group? There is sure to be something for you!

More Parish News and General Information

St George's Choir 

The choir sings at the morning service most Sundays but will sing in the evening service once a month. There will be other music in the morning service on that day. We are looking for singers to lead the congregational singing or even sing in a small group at the thriving evening service. New singers for the morning service are of course also always welcome. Please contact Andrew Sims if you are interested. 
The details of the forthcoming services can be found here (press left button):

Our congregation only exists because of your support

Our parish is 100% self-supporting and also does not receive the German church tax.
Even the modest salaries of the  two clergy, for example, have to be paid for by donations.
If you would like to support our ministry financially, we would also be happy to receive your regular donations. Perhaps you would like to set up a standing order?
We are extraordinarily grateful for any support. 
We thank all who have supported our parish through this time of pandemic. 
Your generosity allows us to fulfil the mission of St George's 
and to celebrate and spread God's love in our community and beyond. 
Please prayerfully consider what portion of your money 
you can commit to the life of St George's. May God continue to bless you in every way. 

Psalm cantors needed 

We have relaunched the cantoring of the psalms at the morning service. If you are interested in serving as a cantor, please contact Andrew Sims at choir@​stgeorgesberlin​.de

Coffee hour rota | St George's

Preparing and serving the refreshments after the Sunday morning eucharist is a great way for new members of the congregation to get to know people, so if you would like to know more about what's involved, speak to our churwarden Ms Eleanor Emerson after the morning service or email the church office. 

St George's young(ish) adults group at Marienkirche

A warm invitation to a dinner or pub get-together after our Anglican Sunday evening service at Marienkirche, always on the last Sunday of the month: something to eat, something to drink and a bit of nice chatting.


We sometimes receive complaints that members of the congregation are not personally informed about news via email or do not receive our newsletter. We are very sorry about this. Unfortunately, email addresses become outdated, the newsletter has not been ordered or we have not been given permission to use the email address in accordance with the DSGVO.

So if you are in any doubt as to whether we have your proper and up dated contact details, please kindly contact the parish office so that you are well informed by emails from the parish. For up-to-date information, please visit this, our official website or visit us on social media. Here you will be informed as up-to-date as possible. Also point other parishioners and friends of St George to this. We thank you very much and appreciate your cooperation.

St George's on Social Media

By now we have – thanks to some generous donations – a stable setup for the recordings on our YouTube channel.  The only thing we would need is one or two more volunteers who could cover the actual recording duties once every two months. Martin and Carolin would give you a thorough training and are always available if there are problems or questions! Please contact Martin Abend via the church office if you can help.
There is now an official Facebook Page for St George's: www​.facebook​.com/​stgeorgesanglicanchurchberlin. Please
like and subscribe to it if you haven't already!
St George's Instagram feed can be followed at @StGeorgesBerlin.
You can also find us on Twitter at @StGeorgesBerlin.

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