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Due to the current pandemic situation, most groups are meeting online. Contact the parish office if you are interested in joining a group/groups.

Richard Rohr Meditation Group

 The Richard Rohr Meditation Group 
meets on Zoom.

For further information please contact:

Women's Fellowship Group

Women matter a lot at St George’s! 

In addition to taking on various responsibilities individually in the Sunday services, we also have an active women's fellowship group.
We enjoy our diversity of cultural backgrounds, ages, and interests. There are groups focused on particular interests (such as books, walks, handicrafts) and a few times a year we all come together to build community and explore a specific topic in a creative way.
An innovation spurred by Covid-restrictions this year are weekly conversations on Zoom
- an activity that we intend to continue!

These gatherings offer the opportunity to get to know each other better, share experiences and ideas. They are scheduled on alternating Friday evenings (as of 19:00) and Saturday mornings (as of 10:00) to accomodate different life schedules.

We warmly welcome new participants!
For further information please contact Ariane via

Theology Reading Group

 Our theology reading group 
is open to anyone interested 
in exploring the history, 
beliefs and spirituality 
of the Christian tradition. 
We read texts from across 
the history of Christian theology, 
both ancient and modern. 
No prior theological training is needed. 
For further information please contact
Tim Redfern via 


Our parish has taken up the challenge issued by our Diocese: we are working towards getting St George's to become an "Eco Church". Our pastor Christopher Jage-Bowler invited me to take the lead on this initiative and we quickly established a committee. A great international mix, reflecting our diverse congregation: we come from the US, South Africa, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Germany.
The first step has been taken:
we have registered with the Eco Church
website app​.ecochurch​.org,
which provides tools and suggestions, including a set of questionnaires which require us to do some further research about the building and about the implications of its historic preservation status. Anyone with an interest should be able to register there as well. Unfortunately the map currently has problems displaying churches outside of the UK.
At our first meeting we brainstormed ideas about how to make our parish become more ecologically sound. Suggestions ranged from a wilderness area on the property, to methods for gathering rainwater, to ways of reducing travel by holding more meetings with Zoom. The possibility of a meatless Lenten period for members came up and would fit easily with existing Lenten disciplines. We welcome suggestions from our whole St George's community, whether you are in Berlin or currently living far away and have ideas to share with us (contact via office@​stgeorges​.de). The committee will meet monthly and will try to provide regular updates and visit our
Eco Church Blog. Michael Seadle

Exploring Prayer Group

Prayer is the nourishment of our soul, the fuel of our love, the fountain of joy. It strengthens our relationship with God and fills us with his peace and comfort. But what does it really mean to pray and how do we pray? There are currently many ways to pray, some are more popular than others. You could pray with Scripture, focus on breathing, go for a silent walk and many more. In this group, we will discover different prayer forms and practice short sessions of prayer together. Everybody is welcome on this journey! 
The group meets monthly via zoom.  
Please contact Dr Andrea Bianchi via for further information.

Online Services and Social Media Group

By now we have 
– thanks to some generous donations – 
a stable setup for our livestreams of Sunday services on YouTube. 
The only thing we would need is more volunteers who could cover the actual streaming duties once every two months. 
Martin and Carolin would give you a thorough training and are always available if there are problems or questions!
Please contact Martin Abend via for further information,
if you can help.

St George's Choir

Due to the current and changing Covid-19 situation, the choir is subject to various restrictions but has partially resumed rehearsals and singing in the service. 
For up-to-date information please contact the choir director, Mr. Andrew Sims:

St George’s choir is a group of around 15 people which sings an anthem each Sunday morning.
We meet at 9:15 in the church hall of St George's
to sing through the hymns and learn
a piece for the 10:30 service.
Our music is taken from the Anglican repertoire;
generally we sing an anthem, and sometimes
we sing a psalm to an Anglican chant,
or some Gregorian chant. The choir occasionally sings at other St George’s services, e.g. at the evening service in the Marienkirche,
the annual carol service at
St George’s, or the midnight Christmas service.
Roughly once a month, we have a Friday evening rehearsal to run through the forthcoming anthems. In the middle of each January, the choir spends a weekend on retreat at Kloster Huysburg. The choir is directed by Andrew Sims.
All ages are welcome. There is no formal audition, but the limited rehearsal time means that an ability to read music or to pick it up
by ear very quickly is useful.
If you would like to join the choir,
please speak to Andrew
after the morning service
or send him an email.

Anglican Germans and Friends

Wenn Deutsche von Anglikanischer Kirche oder der Kirche von England hören, dann sagt vielen  das überhaupt nichts.  Bei manchen kommen auch spontan Reaktionen, wie: „Das ist doch die Kirche des englischen Königs
mit den vielen geköpften Frauen“ 
„Bei denen ist die Queen so was wie der Papst“.

Natürlich wissen deutsche Muttersprachler, 
die sich für St George‘s interessieren, mit der Gemeinde verbunden fühlen oder gar Gemeindemitglieder sind, weit mehr über die Kirche von England, als diese Klischees ausdrücken. Dennoch gibt es auch für sie, viel an Geschichte, Liturgie, Spiritualität, Kunst und Musik zu entdecken. Unsere Gruppe möchte die Möglichkeit geben, sich gemeinsam mit dem „Phänomen Anglikanismus“ und seinen verschiedenen Facetten zu beschäftigen und diese auf Deutsch zu diskutieren, so dass der Austausch gänzlich "barrierefrei" ist. Wenn Sie sich für Anglikanismus interessieren und Deutsch als Mutter- oder Zweitsprache haben, dann sind Sie herzlich eingeladen und willkommen!
Falls Sie interessiert sind, dann schreiben Sie bitte eine Email an Revd Joachim Reich

Simple Living Group

The Simple Life Movement encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify your lifestyle. These practices may include, for example, the reduction of material possessions, generally referred to as minimalism
or an increase in self-sufficiency e.g.
growing vegetables.
A number of religious and spiritual traditions promote the simplicity as a life choice. 
The gospels report that Jesus led a simple life. And he encouraged his disciples to do the same. Various saints and prominent figures, inspired by him or other spiritual traditions and insights, have chosen to live more simply, such as the Desert Fathers and Mothers, St Benedict of Nursia, 
St Francis of Assisi and St Dominic, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, Rabindranath Tagore, Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma Gandhi.
The Simple Life can be characterised by the fact that the individual chooses to be satisfied with what they have, instead of wanting more and more material things. It is aware of the limits of natural resources, and pays attention to sustainability and the care of creation. 
Our group will explore and discuss different forms of expression and attitudes of the Simple Living movement and to inspire and support us to find a very personal attitude and possibilities to implement it in our lives.
For further information please contact the church office

St George's Young(ish) Adults Group at Marienkirche

Is here for you! 
Open hearts. Open minds. Open ears.

We come from many nationalities, 
cultures, and traditions meeting for chat, dinner 
and pub night.
We meet regularly, last Sunday of the month, 
after the Evening Eucharist in the Marienkirche, 
the eucharist starts at 18:00.
You need more info? Please contact the church office:

St George's Second-Hand Book Sales Events

(for further information please 
contact the church office).

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