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Women's Fellowship Group

Women matter a lot at St George’s!
We have an active women's fellowship group at St George's We enjoy our diversity of cultural backgrounds, ages, and interests. There are groups focused on particular interests (such as books, walks, handicrafts) and a few times a year we all come together to build community and explore a specific topic in a creative way. Zoom meetings are are scheduled on alternating Friday evenings (as of 19:00) and Saturday mornings (as of 10:00). Get in contact with us.

Richard Rohr Meditation Group

 The Richard Rohr Meditation Group 
meets on Zoom.

For further information please contact us.


Our parish has taken up the challenge issued by our Diocese: we are working towards getting St George's to become an "Eco Church". Our group is a great international mix, reflecting our diverse congregation: we come from the US, South Africa, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Germany.
The committee meets monthly and will try to provide regular updates and visit our Eco Church Blog.  Please contact us for more information. Michael Seadle

Online Services and Social Media Group

By now we have 
– thanks to some generous donations – 
a stable setup for our livestreams of Sunday services on YouTube. 
The only thing we would need is more volunteers who could cover the actual streaming duties once every two months. 
Martin and Carolin would give you a thorough training and are always available if there are problems or questions! Please contact us for further information,
if you can help.

St George's Choir

The choir sings at most morning services and some evening services.
If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact the director, Andrew Sims, at [email protected].

Choir calendar:

Anglican Germans and Friends

Gemeinsam beschäftigen wir uns mit dem „Phänomen Anglikanismus“
und seinen verschiedenen Facetten und zwar auf Deutsch, so dass der Austausch gänzlich "barrierefrei" ist. Wenn Sie sich für Anglikanismus interessieren und Deutsch als Mutter- oder Zweitsprache haben, dann sind Sie herzlich eingeladen und willkommen! Schreiben Sie uns, wenn Sie interesse haben.

Young(ish) Adults Group at Marienkirche

Is here for you! 
Open hearts. Open minds. Open ears.

We come from many nationalities, 
cultures, and traditions meeting for chat, dinner 
and pub night.
We meet regularly, last Sunday of the month, after the Evening Eucharist in the Marienkirche, 
the eucharist starts at 18:00. You need more info? 
Please contact us.

Desmond Tutu Reading Group

Our Desmond Tutu Reading Group meets bi-weekly at 19.00. More information from Tayo  via the church office. 

St George's Second-Hand Book Sales Events

For further information please
check St George's News or contact the church office.

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